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Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated for 7+
Size : 277MB

Hi Guys ,

i liked this game becuse its like a story and a battel and quest to slove kinda good and great and cute avatars you choose its look like sega games awsome avatars and story to tell ,convert multiple aether of the same type with Aether Concersion for one with a higher rarity , there boss demons a fairy you have to battel with you , and im so pleased to play in this SMT game yay ! is verey enjoyable , the music the graphic wow ! the battel system is complex , allow you for more lot of creativity in party customization , the game mode where you get to dungeon crawl in first person is very unique and well done , also the story keeps track of your characters moral choices selected in cutscenes so the plot actually matters and this game does not feel pay to win even though it does have micro transctions the game does have some dark and adult themes in some places but everything is handled appropriately for anyone who is age 13 or older this is more of a heads up to parents or anyone is easily triggered this is definitely a game worth playing

hope enjoying it like i did have nice day game and good playing see ya in new app game 😀